Patient Self-Service Kiosk

Reduce lines at the registration area. Improve patient experience.

Minimize patient waiting. Reduce staff burden. Eliminate errors.

Features Of The Self-Service Kiosk

Change your patient dynamics. 

Eliminate manual data gathering, paper sign in sheets. 

Patients can enter/update their demographics, Insurance data, medical history, current medication.

Demographics Online

Allow Patients to fill out and update demographics and insurance data at check-in time. Save data entry time while making it more convenient to your patients

Medical History

Patients can fill out their medical history, current medication, current allergies. Medication lists are retrieved from the EHR and patient updates are captured and reviewed by providers during the clinic session


Patient Forms

Patients can sign, fill out and update customizable patient forms. Patients can sign customizable conscent forms. Eliminate the hassle of printing paper and document scanning. Capture the results neatly in the EHR.

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Everything In One Fully Integrated Package

Why is Patient KIOSK so critical?

Errors associated with medication documentation account for a substantial fraction of preventable medical error. Veracity check-in kiosk allows patients to review the names, dosage, frequency, and pictures of their medications before their appointment. Medication lists are retrieved from the electronic health record and patient updates are captured and reviewed by providers during the clinic session. The user interface is easy for patients to use and integrates well with clinic workflow. You can run on an android tablet or an iPad.

All In One Solution

EHR, Practice Management, Billing Solution, Patient Portal and Self Check-In Kiosk. 


User friendly, and very easy to use. Now you can focus more on patient care.

Specialty Specific EHR. No hidden fees or surprises.