Electronic Prescription

Toss the old prescription pads. E-Prescribing software that’s easier and more efficient than ever before.

The cloud based system that goes where you do

Features Of ePrescription

Putting Your Patients First 

When it comes down to it, E-prescribing is about much more than just efficiency–It’s about the safety of your patients.

Any risk of illegibility due to hand-written prescriptions is completely eliminated


Quickly check drug-drug, allergy-drug, and drug-disease interactions while prescribing medications for your patients.



Veracity allows you to electronically prescribe and track controlled substances. Create electronic requests that you can submit to the pharmacy directly.


Formulary Check

The formulary check will automatically check patient insurance eligibility and offer alternatives when necessary.

Online History

Import a comprehensive medication history prescribed by other providers. Save time while improving accuracy.

Pharmacy Linking

You can send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy, receive refill requests,
and even place replacement requests for generic equivalents, all with the press of a button.

Therapeutic Class

Make your drug search quicker, easier with therapeutic classification. Veracity brings you the list of drugs under therapeutic classification. Each category has its list of generics with their corresponding trade names

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Everything In One Fully Integrated Package

All In One Solution

EHR, Practice Management, Billing Solution, Patient Portal and Self Check-In Kiosk. 


User friendly, and very easy to use. Now you can focus more on patient care.

Specialty Specific EHR. No hidden fees or surprises.