Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose AllegianceMD?
Our system is the most fully features, Integrated, fast, and affordable system you can find period. AllegianceMD is a one system that includes EMR, PN, and billing software. No loosely integrated system, but one system that is built from the ground up with EMR, Billing, and PM. AllegianceMD is one system that includes features like automated appointment confirmation (No extra charge), Automated Eligibility(No extra charge), E-fax(No extra charge), E-RX (No extra charge), Unlimited document storage, document annotation, Patient portal (No extra charge), and many more options.
What is Included with AllegianceMD?
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • E-Prescription
  • Evidence-based clinical knowledge
  • E-Lab
  • E-Fax
  • Automated Transcriptionist
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Electronic Appointment Reminder
  • Patient portal
  • Medical billing software
  • Electronic Statements
  • Electronic Eligibility
  • Electronic Claims
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Electronic Posting
  • Dashboard
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • HIPAA compliant
Why do you claim that you have the best billing software?
Imagine your staff no longer spending hours to chase down claim errors. Now you can streamline your claim process while maximizing time, ensuring accuracy and securing your bottom line. Allegiance puts its expert system technology to work for you. Our system is driven with Artificial Intelligence, which identifies problems and self-corrects on the fly. That includes those frequently difficult areas of claim processing that can take hours to track down and resolve. Allegiance saves you time and money—helping you make better use of employee work hours.
How advanced is your EMR system?
With AllegianceMD use of artificial intelligence, we can provide a system that is best in its class. A system that has never had anything to it‘s likeness before. We are proud to produce a system that learns as it goes. It will learn your habits; helping you customize your charting templates in a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact we are so confident of its ease of use; we offer you unlimited training and unlimited support to ensure it remains easy.
How fast is your system?
AllegianceMD datacenter’s network uses seven of the largest bandwidth and telecom providers in the U.S. — AT&T, Cogent, Cox, Savvis, Time Warner, Verizon and XO Communications. AllegianceMD datacenter is a Tier-1 aggregator utilizing some of the highest performing networks in the world. AllegianceMD datacenter is also on a handful of large scale peering networks, hand selected by our engineering team after significant research on performance metrics.
Do I need to be computer savvy?
By applying the science of Human-computer interaction (HCI), which is the study of interaction between people (users) and computers. It is often regarded as the intersection of computer science, behavioral sciences, design and several other fields of study. Interaction between users and computers occurs at the user interface (or simply interface), which includes both software and hardware. Yes we made it easy for you; and are so confident in this that we offer you unlimited training and customer support to ensure that it remains easy.
I am skeptical about EMR, can you really help me?

AllegianceMD will save you money from day one. By not having AllegianceMD EMR, and practice management software you are loosing precious time, and money, literally.
Imagine saving money, time and effort by having a system that:

  1. Books 60% of your appointments online.
    Let your patients input their own demographics.
    Calls patients to confirm appointments.
    Allows patients to fill out their history and demographics online, according to your predetermined parameters.
    Checks patient eligibility.
  2.  Check insurance eligibility, then forwards you the patient eligibility data (co-pays, deductible amounts, co-insurance).
  3.  Scans/archives all patient documents. (Unlimited document upload).
  4.  Lets you fax from anywhere in the world since it’s attached to our advanced phone system and not your office-bound system.
  5.  Scans/archives/organizes faxes sent to your system, letting you annotate the fax and attach it to patient records—never loose a fax again. (E-fax)
My practice has very special needs, can you meet my requirements?
With AllegianceMD 100% customized templates. In 2 minutes, you can create a custom template that will look, and feel like a dictated note, not an EMR generated note. We guarantee the ease of use, that we give you unlimited training, and support.
How secure are my patients’ records?
Your patient record is more secure than keeping the paper records in your office. With a built-in security encryption that exceeds online banking system, and an advanced permission system. You can control the level of each user access.
Does AllegianceMD offer Drug-Drug, Allergy-Drug interaction?

Absolutely, that's a small part of our evidence-based clinical knowledge
The benefits of evidence-based clinical knowledge is overwhelming

  • Improves medication safety and patient outcomes
  • Reduces costs through the reduction of medication errors
  • Ensures clinically consistent, accurate information across workflow
  • Eliminates workflow interruptions and improves clinician productivity
  • Increases use of evidence-based clinical knowledge
  • Improves medication safety and patient outcomes
Can I use voice recognition software, or a stylist?
Yes, Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the most popular. However, there are several other brands that work just as well. You can also use a stylist with a tablet PC, or a desktop pc.
How can I convert my existing patient records?
Existing paper documents can be easily scanned into the computer using scanner. You get unlimited document upload.
What is the cost?

For an affordable monthly fee—less than an average utility bill—our expert system with its Artificial Intelligence automates your daily, time-consuming operations will be yours.
Please call 800-868-1923 to get a specific quote

How easy is it to import medical records from another EHR?
If you decide to do a clinical data conversion to our EHR, we can cut your original vendor out of the picture, if we can. Our data engineer will work with you to extract the data form your source system and then perform the quality work to ensure it is accurately loaded onto our network.