Electronic Medical Record
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Electronic Health Record

Technical approach

With AllegianceMD’s use of artificial intelligence, we can provide a system that is best in its class. A system that has never had anything to it‘s likeness before. We are proud to produce a system that learns as it goes. It will learn your habits; helping you customize your charting templates in a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact we are so confident of its ease of use; we offer you unlimited training and unlimited support to ensure it remains easy.

Service approach

We realize that if you pay something, you should be taught how to use it. When you go buy a car, the dealership shows you how to use the different options of the car allowing you to utilize the car to its fullest with as little frustration as possible. It should be the same way with EMR software, however other vendors don’t offer unlimited support because they feel they would have to spend hours, and hours of work training a customer with no potential end in site. This results in incomplete implementation. With our unlimited training coupled with an intuitive and easy to learn system we ensure that you and your practice will get the most out of the program.

Holistic approach

We’ve designed our system to do the things that consume labor time the most by automating certain processes which would normally consume valuable human resources. This atomization is visible in all aspects of the system. Starting with the schedule where patients can book their own appointments without any interaction with the practice staff. The system could then automatically call these patients to confirm their appointment ahead of time and update the schedule accordingly. Even when the patient arrives in the office they are given the option to check in, fill-out their information, and then answer your custom history question without any assistance from the front desk. Other back end optimizations come in the form of things such as electronic insurance eligibility checks, e-prescriptions, and the ability to send and receive customized electronic faxes and store them internally within the system.

General features highlights

  1. One system that contains EHR, billing software, and practice management software. Not just a superficial integration with HL7 between two foreign systems. This insures that you will be bug free, not wasting times logging between different systems, keeping your data integrity intact
  2. True web-based, no client to download, remote access, or complicated VPN. This totally eliminate the headache of maintaing servers, complicated VPN network, all you need is a browser, simple as that
  3. Very rich graphic user interface
  4. By applying the science of Human-computer interaction (HCI), we came up with a system that we believe the most user friendly around
  5. E-fax included (No extra charge)
  6. E-lab included (No extra charge)
  7. Appiointment confirmation included (No extra charge)
  8. Unlimited document upload included (No extra charge)
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EHR features highlights

Clinical Encounter

  1. Progress note
      Hybrid(Type, click, or dictate)
      Encoded and searchable
  2. Generate templates depending on diagnosis
  3. Integrated with voice recognition and handwriting recognition
  4. Free hand annotation

Medication features

  1. Medication list
      Long term
      Per episode
  2. E-prescription
  3. E-refill request
  4. Maintains formulary information
  5. Medication Reporting
  6. Allergy list
  7. Automatic allergy warning
  8. Drug-Drug interaction
  9. Drug-Allergy interaction

Laboratory/X-ray/Pathology Features

  1. Maintains test history by patient
  2. Maintains test history by provider
  3. Electronic orders
  4. Electronic results
  5. Full integration with LAB/X-ray facilities
  6. Flags abnormal results
  7. Permits tracking of abnormal lab follow-up
  8. Permits creation of panels


  1. Immunization/Injection list per episode, or per patient
  2. Interface to state registry

Diagnosis Features

  1. Problem list
          Long term
          Per episode
  2. Report by

Referral Features

  1. Maintains list of referral sites/Providers by specialty
  2. Generate referral letters
  3. E-fax referral letter from the system electronically
  4. E-fax continuity of care record.
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PM Features highlights


  1. Colored based appointments
  2. Drag and drop
  3. Search appointments using AI
  4. Automated appointment confirmation
  5.  Different views
  6. Independent books
  7. Appointment notes
  8. Many more...

Patient record

  1. Scan patient cards
  2. Scan insurance cards
  3. Intuitive, easy to use interface
  4. Different notes, and activities
  5. Unlimited document upload
  6. Keep different cases


  1. Unlimited document upload
  2. E-fax with toll free included
  3. Split documents
  4. Annotation capability


  1. Charge capture from the schedule, or the EHR
  2. Search diagnosis code by description, or hierarchy
  3. Visits charges memory
  4. Claim scrubbing using AI
  5. Electronic remittance advice
  6. Electronic posting of EOB
  7. Creation of electronic secondary claims
  8. Capability of attaching post-op notes to electronic claims
  9. Collection, and follow up module

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Demo Information

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