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Should You Have an Office Manager in Your Medical Practice?

          Visitors always ask for the office manager when it comes to normal day to day functions in typical medical practices. Usually these visitors are surprised when one says they do not have an office manager and that the doctor takes care of it. Yes, the doctor’s time is better spent dealing with clinical matters and patient workflow, but having an office manager to take care of some of the monotony of running a daily business would be better.
It is perfectly fine to wonder how other offices do this. Is it affordable? Will it actually save the doctor time? For the doctor, their practice is their baby! The doctor wants to be hands-on so how can an office manager keep the doctor’s best wishes in mind?

Effectively Manage Staff in a Medical Practice

          What can a physician do to improve productivity and reliability while mitigating legal and financial risks? A physician must also improve patient satisfaction and quality of care, but then is expected to return home at a respectable hour? How this can be done, is through effective staff management.


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ICD-10 Code Structure

ICD-10 diagnosis codes have between 3 and 7 characters:

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Aftermath of Transition to ICD-10: One Month Later

ICD-10 coding went into effect on Oct 1, 2015, and the CMS is requiring ICD-10 codes on all claims with dates of service on or after that date.     
For over a decade, ICD-10 has been used all over the world, but ICD codes do not restrict or verify insurance claim payments in most other countries like in the U.S. 
According to a July 2015 article in Medical Economics, 65 percent of practices wanted the implementation deadline to be pushed out again and only 30 percent expected to be ready in time

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10 Tips for ICD-10 Implementation Fall 2015!

Insurance billing is time-consuming, which is why many practices have a billing coordinator on staff to handle processing and appeals. Missing insurance payments due to mis-coding can especially affect private practitioners and smaller practices.

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