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An innovative, privately held company, Allegiance is blazing new trails in medical billing and practice management software.

Allegiance is an innovative, privately held company. Firmly established and offering sophisticated concepts, Allegiance is blazing new trails in medical billing and practice management software.
It's no wonder. We used our proven programming expertise to develop a web-based software product that is second to none (Click here for history in images and screen shots). Our team investigated the needs of medical practices in various fields, directly working with healthcare staffers to identify their previous software's deficiencies. Recognizing critical key factors—such as time, accuracy, efficiency, full transparency, quick access, navigational ease—our team dedicated itself to significantly raising the bar.
AllegianceMD raised the bar—using Artificial Intelligence (AI). What does that mean? The system does the thinking for you, based on past decisions. AI constantly probes the system for any impending glitches, then self corrects—long before you would even know the potential issue existed.
Virtually hassle free, Allegiance means no more crashes, freezes, costly networks and servers or IT annoyances. You stay in control of your medical business practice with 100% uptime, keeping the focus on patient care—while greatly enhancing productivity and your bottom line. How? Our HIPAA-secure expert system provides visibility into your business, giving you a secure handle on every claim so you get paid faster and improve collection status.
Rated No. 1 by our clients—healthcare professionals, like you—Allegiance is seamlessly designed. It only takes Internet access to get your office up and running at lightning speeds. . . quicker than any other software on the market. That also means you can securely log in to your web-based system and access comprehensive data wherever you go: the office, while traveling, at home, etc.
Discover the difference. Allegiance is committed to excellence, as evident in our AI web-based software and outstanding customer support. Our trained technicians and consultants stand ready to answer your questions, via phone or live chat online. No question is too small. And you can take advantage of our unlimited training, available online. Your satisfaction is our driving force.

Feel free to Contact Us to learn more about our company and software. Then move your company into a whole new realm of medical billing and practice management. . . let Allegiance lead the way! 

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6914 S. Yorktown Ave. Ste 200
Tulsa, OK, USA 74136
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Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm
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